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Robb Garza
2 days ago

thr ai will say it cant reply tobsuch explicit text but i will ask it very clean things and get that response,

John Reed
20 days ago

I just used the posing simulator and it worked fine for me.

John Reed
20 days ago

Went to your index page (rockhardvr.com) and got a virus warning … which I captured and can’t post here… but it says “We’ve safely aborted connection on s.zlink3.com because it was infected with URL:Scam … thought you should know. Just wanted to see if you’d done anything new since I purchased my position in the Pose Simulator or what do you suggest I look at going forward? Thanks!

Dave Coutu
23 days ago

Can’t get the AR mode to open anymore on my oculus quest 1 wondering if it’s because my hardware is old or some other issue? (It worked in the past but stopped working a few weeks ago)

Dave Coutu
22 days ago

Yes the issue is in pose simulator, also just want to say you are a literal god

Hooman Big
2 months ago

Can there be connectivity support for the Handy device?

John Reed
2 months ago

I’ve been playing quite a bit in the simulator and saving the scenes. When I revisit the scene a day or two later, either the characters aren’t the ones I’d saved or their clothes are different or their poses have been slightly changed. And that just doesn’t seem like the way it’s supposed to wrk so I thought I’d let you know. ALSO, previously you’d mentioned if I’d pay $2 more I’d get switched to something more than just the posing simulator…. and I’m happy to do that… but I’m dumb so what do i have to do to accomplish this? Thanks and I do enjoy the code.

Dustin Mitchell
3 months ago

just wondering when the body and scene share server will be back up, love your work thanks.

Jayce Nolan
4 months ago

i love the feeling of having sex in vr