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1 day ago

Hey, I recently bought the classic bundle for vrgame34 and I had no problem with the standing girls. But the comics on the other hand seem to crash after a few seconds after loading in. I’ve cleared my cache and restarted my oculus and setting the graphics to the minimum but nothing worked.

5 days ago

Hello there. Love the app. Is there a way to open or close the mouth of the model in pose simulator ?

Mindya Ownbiz
23 days ago

How do you change breast size? I can’t find the video now.

Robb Garza
1 month ago

thr ai will say it cant reply tobsuch explicit text but i will ask it very clean things and get that response,

John Reed
2 months ago

I just used the posing simulator and it worked fine for me.

John Reed
2 months ago

Went to your index page (rockhardvr.com) and got a virus warning … which I captured and can’t post here… but it says “We’ve safely aborted connection on s.zlink3.com because it was infected with URL:Scam … thought you should know. Just wanted to see if you’d done anything new since I purchased my position in the Pose Simulator or what do you suggest I look at going forward? Thanks!

Dave Coutu
2 months ago

Can’t get the AR mode to open anymore on my oculus quest 1 wondering if it’s because my hardware is old or some other issue? (It worked in the past but stopped working a few weeks ago)

Dave Coutu
2 months ago

Yes the issue is in pose simulator, also just want to say you are a literal god

Hooman Big
3 months ago

Can there be connectivity support for the Handy device?