About the Developer


Email: [email protected]

Who I am

I’ve been a programmer in B2B sector for 13 years, and in game industry for 7 years, and now retired. My strength as a programmer is in productivity, content-editing features.

My retirement was early, I wanted some subjects to use my skill in. So I’ve started this site as a hobby.

My Goal

Currently, I’m concentrating on VR adult gaming. I’d like to become a porn game company with this.

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10 days ago

Hey! Dunno if you are still working on this or gave up, but i would highly appreciate you adding thehandy support on s1 or even just make a “new” season with handy support. Imho you can get a bit of sales because of the support. But idk how hard it is so i might aswell be askimg for the impossible.

1 year ago


Al Carlson
1 year ago

Dude! I discovered your stuff last week and I am blown away! I have perpetual Oculus Quest “visor face” now. All my other online erotica now seems second rate. Your stories have a deliciously kinky Japanese vibe, and my ability to interact with the girls is–have I used this word already?–awesome. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Put it in your store. I’ll buy it.

IDEAS: (Which you get to ignore. I have no idea what’s hard and what’s easy in your line of work.)
1. Give the dancers’ faces some emotions as they dance. A combination of flirtatiousness and apprehension (fear of not being sexy enough) would be cool.
2. Add costume options. Fine tuning my dancer’s attire is almost as much fun as watching her dance.
3. Let the girls react to hands and the laser while in their sex act mode.
4. Add some of your newer features to your older creations, change their hair color and name, and sell them as new stuff.

Again, thank you for giving me hours of delight this past week!

1 year ago

Love all your work. I’ve used pretty much everything and actually bought the entire S1 hand revolution, along with S2 succubus and Aida. It would be amazing if you revive the game girls in a pose simulator, I would definitely subscribe to your Patreon to access them. Would you add any girls that currently aren’t on the site ? Would you take recommendations? Good luck on all your future work ! I use your stuff daily

4 years ago

After i downloaded the standing girl mini games on android , how am i suppose to run them ? I am very confused about the code and webview .