Program Feature Updates 2021.2

Costume Save and Restore

This feature will be updated on every content in my site one by one.


Super cool menu moving gesture

How many of you felt the pain of grab gesture in hand tracking mode?

This feature is updated on almost all contents. Did I miss anything?


Experimental Y-axis feature

Play VR games in bed on your back.

Don’t forget to align your front direction by holding the “O” button of your right controller.

You can find the option here.

This feature will be updated on all premium VR Hand Revolution games.

VR Comics on this site has this feature.


VR Hand Revolution Auto Mode Gestures

These are provided for the auto mode + hand tracking users.


New Menu Button and Ceilings in VR Comic

In the past, I put the menu button in the sky and removed the ceilings. It was a remnant from the Standing Girl game series.

From now on, every content will have the ceilings and menu button will be blended into the background like this.

Toilet Sex VR Comic will have this feature, I’ll fix all other Premium VR Comics and several VR Hand Revolution contents, too.

In reality, this menu button is not necessary. But it’s been kept for compatibility.

Color Change Feature

This feature has been asked repeatedly, finally I’ve made time to make it.

This feature is being tested on full-featured VR Standing Girls, and Sexual Gym demo.

This feature will be used on every content from now on. All Premium contents are updated with feature.


Engine Overhaul of all free VR Comics
  1. Frame rate improvement of 10%-15%
  2. In the two hand mode, Laser Cursor is hidden except when pointing at the menu board, or overhead menu button. You can also hide the overhead menu button from the start menu.
  3. “Click ground warp” feature is removed if the user has analog stick.
  4. “Cut mode” is removed.

* Please comment if you see any strange behavior. I cannot possibly test everything thoroughly.


Auto Hide Main Hand option for VR Hand Revolution

(Sexy Doctor Aida, and Flight Attendant have this)

I wonder how many of you are using Auto Mode + Hand Tracking in VR Hand Revolution?

If your Hand Tracking works barely enough to click menus, but not enough for beating, this may be useful. Hand reappears if you move it near the menu.


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2 years ago

where is the jana demo? it was here the other day, and doesn’t show up on vrporn.